Executive Department

Qualifications and extensive experience in the completion of specialized services in the industrial and utility power sector allow the company to complete works with a high level of technical difficulty.

  • Steam and water boilers and auxiliary devices, including:
    1. Exchange of heated surfaces (chambers, convection bundles, water heaters)
    2. Coal pulverisers, coal feeders, deslaggers, rotary air heaters,
    3. Filters and electrostatic precipitators (in the mechanical and insulation part), ash blowers,
    4. Flue gas and air ducts,
    5. Dust-air mixture ducts,
    6. Air and flue gas fans,
    7. Water deaerators,
    8. Kettle drum renovations,
  • Turbine sets and engine room auxiliary devices
  • Pipelines and industrial fittings for all media and pressures,
  • Overhead cranes, cranes, hoists and winches,
  • Compressors and fans,
  • Biomass installations.
  • Complex modernisation and technological start-up of clean water, drainage, and mass transfer pumping stations,
  • Modernisation of pumping systems (including exchange of throttles),
  • Assembly and disassembly of rotary sieves made of acid-resistant steel,
  • General and maintenance overhauls of pumps, including: cooling water, supplying pumps, condensate pumps and network pumps,
  • Renovations of devices preparing water for technological purposes,
  • Anti-corrosion protection of the internal surfaces of de-mineralized and softened water reservoirs,
  • Prefabrication and assembly of water pipelines and constructions made of acid-resistant steel as well as the performance of pressure trials.
  • Biomass installations
  • Flue gas ducts,
  • Chamber heated surfaces

Production Department

The company’s background in high standard technical infrastructure production and renovation allows it to produce details and semi-finished goods used in steel constructions, including:

  • Metal laser cutting with the use of:
    – Platino 1530 laser cutter, characterized by high efficiency and cutting quality (the machine’s axis range is X-3 000 mm, Y-1 500 mm, Z-150 mm, the thickness of standard quality steel sheets g = 20mm, of austenitic steel is g = 10 mm),
    – Maximo large-scale laser cutter, characterized by very high efficiency and cutting quality (the machine’s axis range is X-15 000 mm, Y-3 000 mm, Z-150 mm, the thickness of standard quality steel sheets g = 20mm, of austenitic steel is g =12 mm),
  • The production of details and semi-finished goods for locomotives, trolleys, and devices sold at the EU market,
  • Works for, e.g. BOMBARDIER TRANSPORTATION Polska Sp. z o.o. [l.l.c.]
  • Processing with the use of elements cutting, including full-range CNC milling up to L = 5000 mm length,
  • Forming processes, including on CNC press brakes with bending line up to L= 4000 mm,
  • Annealing of connectors welded with the use of computer steering,
  • Abrasive blasting with the use of the GIETART – GW 1500-415 blast machine (basic parameters of the processed details: 1500 mm width, 500 mm height)
  • Production, assembly and servicing of class 1,2,3 welded constructions, particularly steel, building, railway and heating pipelines constructions,
  • Austenitic steel welding, construction carbon steel welding, welding of low-alloyed steels with elevated durability 5-100 mm thick, with the use of such welding methods as gas welding and arc welding with the use of MAG and TIG covered electrodes,
  • Regeneration of parts of machines and heating and mechanical devices, as well as cutting tools.

Operational Department

The Operational Department is concerned with the utilization of the customer’s technical installations. Within the area of operations the company performs conservation works, overhauls, major repairs, and offers full service to ensure impeccable performance of the technical infrastructure. Additionally, the Department also performs tasks related to heat network connectors, building of station heating centres, and industrial installations.

24/7 full operational machine servicing of machines, networks and internal and external installations, heating and steam devices, water and water-sewage devices, technical gases, pressurized air, including:

  • Removing disruptions and malfunctions of devices and installations,
  • Removing small malfunctions in buildings, facilities and production halls, as well as internal and external power media networks,
  • Inspections and renovations of technological and technical devices,
  • Post-malfunction renovations, including servicing of equipment subject to approval by inspection authorities, conservation works,
  • Removing malfunction risks,
  • Interim repairs and the removal of external and internal water supply network, sewage network, and heating network malfunctions,
  • Emergency services and the service of shift brigades.
  • with KOGENERACJA S.A. the Department is cooperating on works at the Harbour; these works include complex servicing of the coal and biomass fuel storage, from unloading, through proper storage, to feeding the fuel to installations.
  • with Renevis Inżynieria Środowiska [Environment Engineering] Sp. z o. o. [l.l.c.] the Department is cooperating on works at repositories of combustion side products at the Czechnica Combined Heat and Power Plant and at Kamień.

Electrical Department

The Department is involved in providing complex services in the area of performance and execution of specialized overhauls, assemblies and modernisation of electric and power devices, automation systems, control systems, and safety systems. The Company is fully certified in the area of operations and supervision of power line devices..

  • Assembly, renovations and conservation of devices and power networks, including switchgears, drives, transformers, electrostatic precipitators, as well as supply lines and lighting and heating installations.
  • Assembly, renovations, and modernisations of Automatics and Control and Measurement Equipment systems
  • Completion, assembly, and start-up works for power networks
  • Surveys and metering of power devices
  • Servicing of networks and devices
  • Maintenance of workability of electric and power devices as well as Automatics and Control and Measurement Equipment
  • Works on fire protection systems, including:
    1. Technical consulting,
    2. Completion and delivery of materials and devices,
    3. On-site assembly and system start-up,
    4. Guarantee-included and post-guarantee servicing,
    5. Operation and conservation of completed installations,
    6. System expansion, modernisations after facility function changes (should such a change occur)

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