Integrated Managing System

ZEC SERVICE Sp. z o. o. [l.l.c.] implements contracts in accordance with the expectations and standards of our business partners, as well as in reliance on appropriate legal regulations, taking into consideration conditions previously agreed on. Additionally, the system of resource and workplace safety, environmental standards and service and production quality managing is being constantly developed and improved.

As service contractor and producer in the sector of thermal engineering, power, engineering and steel construction, we wish to maintain our position as a trustworthy and reliable business partner. To achieve that, we always aim to deliver services and products at the highest possible standard, within the agreed deadline, and at the agreed price. We also aim to minimize negative environmental impact while maintaining the best possible quality of our products and services by paying particular attention to maintaining safety of our employees and sub-contractors, business partners, suppliers, and society as a whole. This is why I am fully involved in maintaining and improving our integrated managing system, as well as in delivering necessary resources that contribute to the successful realization of this policy”highlights Wiesław Dreko, Board Chairman of ZEC SERVICE Sp. z o.o. [l.l.c.]

  • PN-EN ISO 9001:2009
  • PN-EN 14001:2005
  • PN-EN 1090
  • PN-N-18001:2004
  • PN – EN ISO 3834-2:2007

Quality, environment, and workplace safety policy

  • we offer only those services and products which fulfil the needs and expectations of our clients. At the same time, we implement the appropriate norms and regulations that relate to our services and products, the environment, and workplace safety in our execution process,
  • we strengthen and perpetuate the Company’s position in relation to competition, while respecting rules governing production and services that function on the market,
  • we make use of the Company’s developmental potential by broadening our market offer,
  • we prevent potential contaminations and minimize negative impact on the environment,
  • we manage our resources, materials, fuels, energy, and water reasonably,
  • we raise the environmental awareness of all employees and try to engage them to propagate and implement environmental safety standards,
  • we constantly strive to improve procedures connected to workplace safety, preventing workplace accidents as well as occurrences potentially leading to accidents, we also prevent occupational diseases among our crew.
  • adhering to existing laws and regulations regarding environmental norms as well as other conditions agreed upon with our business partners
  • constant improvement of our integrated managing system
  • systematically raising the qualifications and competences of our team
  • optimizing organization and methods of production to ensure appropriate quality and workplace conditions improvement as well as environmental safety which, we believe, contributes to maintaining high quality standards
  • identifying environmental factors that require specific action, for instance, in relation to proper waste management during segregation, and propagating eco-friendly behaviours that contribute to building high quality standards
  • analysing potential, and adjusting products and services to the expectations and needs of our business partners, while maintaining a working and open communication with them.

Work safety policy

“„As service contractor and producer in the sector of thermal engineering, power, engineering and steel construction, our aim is „ZERO ACCIDENTS”, relying on the rule „I AM AWARE, I AM RESPONSIBLE, I AM SAFE”. This allows us to keep to highest standards. We wish to guarantee the highest safety norms and to introduce a health risk prevention policy among our employees, taking also care to maintain a balanced business policy in the Company’s immediate surroundings.

We are convinced that all workplace accidents can be prevented, all potential accidents and occupational diseases minimized. By adhering to all legal regulations, and monitoring and improving activities related to workplace safety we also aim to constantly raise safety standards. We ensure the crew has all the necessary resources to complete their job, and that all members constantly raise their qualifications. We also strive to improve the awareness of our crew in regard to the creation of a safe workplace, and support employee initiatives that aim to improve workplace safety.

We promote safe behaviours and oblige all crew members to maintain the rules and procedures as well as the general workplace safety rules. Directors of all organizational units as well as all supervisory board members are responsible for educating, training, and motivating their subordinates and subcontractors” highlights Krzysztof Dreko, Chief Executive Director of ZEC SERVICE Sp. z o.o. [l.l.c.]

Interview with Chief Executive Director
Krzysztof Dreko

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