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A consistently realised, stable developmental strategy allowed ZEC SERVICE to become a valued partner in a number of innovative projects, particularly in the industrial power sector. The company’s business profile includes: heat engineering, servicing and operation of technical installations, the production of construction elements including railway industry components, electrical devices and equipment servicing, as well as power engineering and Automatics and Control and Measurement Equipment.

In order to ensure effective management and completion of specialized projects ZEC SERVICE created the sub-teams of: the Executive Department, the Production Department, Operational Department and Electrical Department .… more

Since 2003, the ZEC SERVICE team includes a CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) export group which works at the CMS detector unit (part of the LHC project), as well as at the CMS-related infrastructure. Our cooperation with CERN was initiated in 2000 by positive audit results,
and in 2002 ZEC SERVICE takes part in international tenders for the execution of works for foreign entities …more

Since 2005, as a result of a joint project with Kogeneracja S.A. and Fortum Power & Heat Poland Sp. z. o.o. [l.l.c.], the ZEC SERVICE team includes the Heating Energy Unit (OEC). This unit works on complex heating services which allow to design, prepare, and execute a heating supply plan: from assessing the options for attaching a location to the heating system, through the design and execution process, including designing a cost participation model (which entails adjusting specialist measuring equipment), to servicing.

The company’s heat trading system allows for the simultaneous billing of individual users, on the basis of monthly VAT invoices. …more

ZEC SERVICE Sp. z o.o.


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50-220 Wrocław
tel. 71 32 38 650
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