Quality assurance systems

At ZEC SERVICE the appropriate quality of the execution of individual stages of each contract: production, repairs, and modernisation, has a decisive influence on safety and the precision of the industrial construction as well as the conditions for its operation. This means that the final quality of performed tasks in each investment is the sum of all factors connected to all of the essential aspects of the production process, i.e. material aspects, determined by the correct technological and technical usage of the appropriate amount of materials; personal aspects, determined by the possessed qualifications and certifications of employees; and company aspects, determined by the certifications possessed by the company, allowing it to perform specific tasks. These factors are included in the implemented quality assurance systems in accordance with both Polish and European norms and standards. This allows all implemented and performed procedures to ensure effective task performance, and to eliminate hazards connected to the performance of investment tasks on the side of the investor.

Specialist tasks in the structures of ZEC SERVICE are performed by the Executive Department, the Production Department, Operational Department and Electrical Department

ZEC SERVICE Sp. o. o. [l.l.c.] possesses also additional qualifications in the area of:

  • modernisation of pressure and non-pressure devices;
  • repairs of pressure and non-pressure devices;
  • repairs of craning equipment;
  • production of pressure and non-pressure elements;
  • production of assembly elements of pressure devices;

ZEC SERVICE, in accordance with legal regulations and qualifications held, produces:

  • pressurized vessels
  • non-pressurized vessels intended to store hazardous, poisonous or corrosive materials, as well as liquid flammable materials
  • steam and water boilers
  • boiler elements, including coils, chambers, tripods, and elbows
  • steam pipelines and individual elements of steam pipelines
  • steel construction structures
  • railway components (non-welded)
  • chemical and processing equipment
  • WUDT/UC/2003 – Pressure Equipment
  • Directives: 2014/68/EU
  • Arc welding EO-111
  • TIG-141 welding
  • Consumable electrode MAG-135 welding
  • Gas G-311 welding
  • Combined welding TIG/EO-141/111
  • Laser etching
  • Material groups 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11 in acc. with ISO CR 15608


  • UDT and TÜV in acc. with PN-EN 287 – 1:2007 and PN-EN 9601-1:2015

Welding supervisors:

  • Head Welder – IWE
  • Welding Technicians – IWT
  • Controllers – VT2 certificate in acc. with PN-EN 473 and PN-EN ISO 9712:2012

Heat treating workers:

  • UDT-certified annealing specialists

ZEC SERVICE Sp. z o.o.


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