Thermal Engineering Department

Thermal engineering

Since 2005, in accordance with ZEC SERVICE operational rules, an innovative heat trading activity has been introduced, on the basis of the Heat Trading License granted by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office.

„I’d like to draw particular attention to how complex the power services we provide are. ZEC SERVICE offers full support, supervision, and performance of tasks related to implementing heat supply processes, from initial assessment of the feasibility of connecting a given facility to the heating network, through the design and performance process, including designing a cost participation model related to adjusting specialist measuring devices, and ending on servicing. Our heat trading managing system allows us to bill individual clients, which lowers all administrative and accounting costs for the Manager of the facility. Thus, thanks to our extensive certification and qualifications we offer a flexible cooperation model in each case adjusted individually to your needs and expectations” highlights Anna Dreko, Head of the Thermal Engineering Department at ZEC SERVICE Sp. z o.o [l.l.c.]

Obrót ciepłem – nowatorska kompleksowa usługa operatora ciepła

Korzyści dla klienta indywidualnego

Our heat trading cooperation model allows you to sign a General Heat Sale Agreement with the Developer/Manager/Owner of the facility, and a parallel individual client heat billing agreement, both of which remove from the above mentioned entities the need to bill and collect payments for heating. This makes ZEC SERVICE the legal and formal representative regarding the whole heat connecting process, and is followed by agreements signed for project works and performance works in relation to the heat connecting process. A separate agreement allows us to provide device and heat installations servicing. In the course of the heat connecting procedure we represent the Developer/Manager/Owner of the facility in contacts with the heat Distributor, e.g. FORTUM Power and Heat Polska [l.l.c.]. We thus make it possible to skip the stage of looking for designers, contractors, and servicing companies related to heat connecting procedures. We also take over the service regarding heat supply, billing, and potential debt collection from individual users.

We provide a complex power service that involves advice in the process of searching for optimal solutions regarding heating a given facility. We then conduct the whole process of connecting heat to the facility. We prepare full formal and legal documentation required to receive the appropriate permits. Additionally, we perform all the technical details of the connection, both in regard to design and performance works. We perform servicing and operational works of all heat installations and devices, including station heating centres, and local boiler rooms, and we take over the service of heat supply, billing, and potential debt collection from individual users.

We offer verified support solutions for the implementation of measuring and billing systems along with telecommunicational installations which allow for remote readings. This high-standard solution allows to establish the amount of used heat by each individual user. In case of lack of such installations, we prepare a financial cooperation model of performing all the required investments, such as the purchase and assembly of specialist measuring devices.

Our heat sales service is based on a heat tariff in accordance with legal regulations, approved by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office. We take over the responsibility of supplying heat and payments management. We conduct accounting services of billing for supplied heat costs for individual users. We coordinate the circulation of all necessary documentation, and offer free access to an E-Client Support Centre (e-BOK). We also take upon ourselves the risks connected to debt collection from individual users, and hold off heat supply if payments have not been done on time.

We use our original heat trading programme which allows us to access reliable data suggested by the measuring and billing systems regarding the amount of heat used by individual locations, their individual billing, and which allows us also to stop supplying heat to a given location individually, should slowdowns in payments arise. We conduct monthly financial and quantitative billing, and provide each individual user of the heat network with VAT invoices instead of annual billing with hard to predict bill amounts based on under- or overpayments. Clients can use e-BOK or contact us directly, which ensures they have full-time access to the usage meters and can monitor their heat usage, thus having full control over payments.

  • Transferring responsibility and, thanks to outsourcing the heat supply process, optimizing time effectiveness;
  • Transferring financial responsibility that arises from performing a complex heat sales agreement;
  • Transferring duties arising from billing costs of heat supplied to a given location;
  • Transferring duties and costs connected to accounting services of individual users;
  • Transferring risks arising from debt collection from individual users;
  • Transferring the duty of coordinating document circulation between individual users and the provider
  • Transferring the responsibility of maintaining contact with individual users regarding heat cost billing;
  • Access to services offered by e-BOK;
  • Access to complex design, servicing, and performance services from one supplier.


  • Support with implementation of measuring and billing systems allowing to determine the amount of heat used by individual locations, including the telecommunicational installation which allows for remote readings. In case such installations are missing, a parallel service is offered of conducting readings or of offering access to readings;
  • Technical possibility of stopping heat supply to each individual location for instance due to a slowdown in payments.
  • Lower costs of heat purchase for individual users with private businesses through VAT invoicing in place of traditional heat billing using under- or overpayments;
  • Quantitative and financial monthly VAT billing;
  • Application of heat tariff in accordance with legal regulations, approved by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office;
  • Direct contact with the heat provider
  • Free access to e-BOK.

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