ZEC SERVICE is a company with an innovative production and renovation background characterized by high standards of technical infrastructure. The company holds required certificates and permits to perform works including those with a high level of technical difficulty. The company works on tasks that require specialization in the following areas:

  • Renovation services, modernisations and assembly of devices, electrical and industrial installations,
  • Complex services of specialized overhauls, assemblies and modernisations of electric al and power supply devices, automation systems, control systems, and safety systems,
  • Production of details and components for the railing and automotive industry, including welded steel constructions,
  • Servicing and operating services of technical installations at industrial facilities,
  • Design and execution works in all sectors connected to modernisations of heating systems (steam and water boiler room renovations, heating networks, central heating installations, hot water circulation, ventilation and air conditioning, construction and assembly of station heating centres),
  • Diagnostics of materials and devices; thermovisual, environmental and operational tests, including vibrodiagnostics and vibroacoustics, performed by our company subsidiary, ZEC DIAGPOM, business in the heating sector, including selling and accounting of district heating costs delivered to individual residential and non-residential buildings.

„ZEC SERVICE is a company with extensive experience in performing specialized services in the utility and industrial power sector. Over the years we won the respect of our business partners and suppliers both in Poland and abroad. Our performance was recognized with multiple awards. We were, for instance, awarded the Dolnośląski Certyfikat Gospodarczy award, as well as the Dolnośląska Nagroda Gospodarcza award, we won the Gala Biznesu contest a number of times, and received the Nagroda Specjalna CENR awards three times (CMS Gold Award in 2006 and 2008, and CMS Crystal Award in 2014). Additionally, our competence and skills were recognized through external audits, thanks to which the Company uses the Integrated Quality, Environment and Health and Safety at Work Management System, as well as the integrated with it Welding Quality System. Our staff are highly qualified specialists with certificates allowing them to effectively work on the Company’s investment projects”– said Wiesław Dreko, Board Chairman of ZEC SERVICE Sp. z o.o.[l.l.c.]

ZEC SERVICE Sp. z o.o.


ul. Łowiecka 24
50-220 Wrocław
tel. 71 32 38 650
tel. 71 32 38 660

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